Carol C. Caruso is an artist originally from New Orleans, Louisiana.  She specializes in oil paintings, tempera, medieval techniques.  



In my paintings and prints I use elements from the world which surrounds me.  I like painting people engaged in activities.  Some are like snapshots, scenes of daily life.  Although they are personal, they are not exclusively autobiographical.  Others are more complex, often with religious themes including icons and illuminations.  Yet others are mythological scenes, or ballet dancers set within the theme of Mardi Gras.   I consider my works to be narrative, and I seek to create a unique world where imagination and reality are melded into a new experience.  

CHESSPLAYERS AND MUSICIAN I depicts a summertime scene from my back yard in upstate New York. It is part of a series called SNAPSHOTS – which show casual scenes from everyday life. They are pictures of real people in real places engaged in their daily life or leisure activities. The chess players and the musicians shown here are portraits of my own family and friends.


Egg tempera on panel

10 in x 10 in